JOMUDE: Journal of Multidisciplinary Developments

Welcome to the home page of JOMUDE: Journal of Multidisciplinary Developments.

Journal of Multidisciplinary Developments is a scientific journal, which published online Book Reviews, Work in Progress Papers, Short Research Papers, Regular Research Papers from a multidisciplinary view including Natural Sciences and Social Sciences.

Main objective of the Journal of Multidisciplinary Developments (JOMUDE) is to support liteature of both Natural Sciences and Social Sciences by enabling researchers, academicians, and students to publish their works. JOMUDE is a peer reviewed, double blind, open access scientific journal.

Covered subjects by JOMUDE are as follows (and not limited to):

Natural Sciences: Computer Science, Engineering Sciences, Mathematics, Electronics, Material Science, Statistics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Health Sciences, Astronomy, Energy

Social Sciences: Education, Economics, Arts and Humanities, Business, Business Management, Accounting, Decision Science, Law, Finance, Psychology, Tourism, Foreign Languages, History

Authors' Benefits: A soft copy certificate for authorship, and online published / indexed paper.

Editorial and Reviewers' Benefits: Payment for their services.


JOMUDE is currently looking for papers for its first volume / issue!

Anyone interested in joining to Editorial Board and Reviewer List are welcome!

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